Dysphameal - Products for people with dysphagia

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Starter Pack!

The Dysphameal’s starter pack gives you the opportunity to try an entire set of meals made of iconic products, created for people affected by dysphagia.

Composed by 5 meals.

Every pack is composed by 5 single dose bags which will provide you with the proper daily nutritional requirement avoiding any additional integration.

Milk and biscuits

Pesto pasta

Braised beef

Potato puree

Lemon cake

Pour the content

Open the sachet and
pour the content
into a large bowl.

Add hot water

Breakfast: 200ml of water
Pasta: 250ml of water
Beef: 250ml of water
Side dish: 150ml of water

Stir and eat

Stir the mixture until the desired consistency is achieved. Wait 2 minutes before serving.

By completing the form, you will receive our Starter Pack including milk and cookies, pesto pasta, braised beef, potato puree, lemon cake, a neutral thickener and an orange tasting one.

Dysphameal’s starter pack are available till stock lasts.

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