Dysphameal - Products for people with dysphagia

Natural and nutrient-dense products

Dysphameal is a dehydrated texture-modified food preparation, suitable for people with dysphagia of varying severity. Made with 100% of natural ingredients, without the use of any artificial flavouring or nutritional booster, it guarantees the correct daily intake of necessary nutrients drastically reducing the need for additional pharmacological support or dietary supplements.

R&D in partnership with the University of Genoa

HARG in collaboration with the DISSAL (Department of Health Sciences of the University of Genoa) has developed a complete food protocol, called DysphaCare that ensures the consistent and correct measurement of the benefits deriving from the use of our products, through a specially designed web portal made available to participating healthcare facilities.

Why so many nursing homes love DYSPHAMEAL

  1. It ensures that meals have the right consistency to suit various different needs
  2. It makes it easier to plan meals and achieve a balanced diet, by combining a wide range of recipes.
  3. It helps increase fluid intake by providing up to two litres of water per day.
  4. Consistent measurement of the benefits deriving from the use of our products, thanks to the DysphaCare nutrition protocol developed in partnership with the University of Genoa.
  5. It helps manage patients with dysphagia in a more sustainable way, by saving on the use of oral nutritional supplements, materials and the time required by healthcare professionals and kitchen staff.
  6. It’s nutrient dense and guarantee the recommended daily intake of proteins, calories, fibers, vitamins and all other nutrients.

Feeding people with love

Whether it’s breakfast or dessert, a first course or a second course, a side dish or fruit, we provide high-quality choices which are easy to combine and quick menu-planning to ensure an appropriate and well-balanced diet.

We pay great attention to our flavours in order to provide meals for people with dysphagia so that they can appreciate the genuine taste of traditional Italian and international cuisines. More than 60 different dishes all made with natural ingredients, complete with both macro-nutrients and micro-nutrients, with a smooth texture and consistent tastes, flavours, and colours.

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